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MATAF DL300 Auto Bottle Sealer

RM 3,899.00

DL300 Small Auomatic induction Sealing Machine

1. Application Range
DL300 series induction sealing machine uses the electromagnetic induction principle to seal bottles or cups made of plastic or glass. This machine is not allowed to use for metal containers. For flammable or explosive products, this machine is forbidden to be used.

This induction sealing technology was invented in the middle of 1960s which was developed from electron tube to the modern integrated circuit controlled by microcomputer. This untouched sealing technology is very advanced and popular widely used in medicines, chemistry, food, beverage, oil and cosmetics, etc.

This induction heat sealing technology can improve products level, anti-humid, prolong use time, anti-counterfeiting. And the sealing speed and sealing quality is also improved.

2 Working Principle
The induction sealing technology which was thought to be very mysterious is actually not very hard to understand. Induction power passes the electric energy to the aluminium foil inside of the cap by induction current. The electric energy translates into thermal energy which melts the polymer pasted on aluminium foil.
So induction sealing is an untouched heat treatment process. The sealing is after filling and capping work.
The FDA considers the induction sealing can effectively keep the trace of opening.

3. Machine Components
The continuous induction sealing machine is composed of 3 parts: Induction power, induction sealing head and conveyor.
Power is running in high frequency as a generator, providing electric current for the induction sealing head. There's induction coil inside the induction sealing head and a stable magnetic field will from around the sealing head after turning on the machine. The conveyor carries the bottles to the magnetic field under the sealing head to form a whirlpool on the aluminium foil which translates the electric energy to heat.

4 Technical Parameter
Power Source: 220V 50HZ
Power: 0.5KW-1.5KW (adjustable)
Conveying speed: 0-10m/min
Working Frequency: 50-60HZ
Sealing Diameter:  20-110mm
Bottle Height: 30-250mm (over 250mm should customize support)
Max Environment Temperature: 45° C (113° F)
Relative humidity (RH): ≤ 80%
Shell Protection Level: Lp21
Machine Package Size: 840x 440 x 400 (mm)
Machine Gross Weight: 35kg

5 Characteristics
1). Convenient and simple conveying construction. Easy to place and operate the machine.
2). Intensified cooling system effectively protect machine's performance.
3). Reasonable construction design. Can work independently in line production.
4). Automatic overheat, overpressure and overcurrent production function.
5). Power and conveying speed can be adjusted to achieve the best sealing effect.
6). Product performance stable, use time is long.
7). The height adjusting range is wide which is suitable for various height of bottles.

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