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MASAKO Soya Bean Machine (40kg/H) (FDM-125)

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This series of soya milk juicer machine is a kind of new type processing machine of soybean and similar item, it can finish  grinding and splitting under the revolution of the lower grinding wheel, filter screen and support of filter screen driven by high  speed motor. It is easy operate and high working efficiency. All the spare parts touching the foods and made of aluminum alloy or  stainless steel. It conforms suitable for the company of soybean production.
Usage and maintenance

 1.  Check if the power voltage is right for the machine before operation. The voltage is not under rated power 95%, if over-under  the motor will be burned or the machine can't reach the ideal effect.

 2.  Try to operate : open up-cover to check up-down grinding wheel tightened, link good power make grinding wheel run direction match with arrowhead.

 3.  Before milling, use water wash bean clearly and dip bean in water 4 hours. Start up machine run, tum on switch, put in proper water, turn handle then adjust up grinding wheel and down grinding wheel clearance, when you listen stream sound is just well, and then pour bean into hopper and add proper water in. It will make the juicer well.

 4.  After finish, machine should be clean under running, it is not allowed to wash under stopping running, forbidden to plug up the outlet when washing, if you do this, water will run to the inside of the motor and damage the motor.

 5.  Stop running, unload the grinding bolt, then take out grinding wheel, filter net and filter bracket, then wash them   separately from the machine.

 6.  If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, the appointed agent or similar qualified persons in  order to avoid a hazard.

 7.  Replace new grinding wheel when the old one worn out or it can not producing bean milk as well as before


  • MODEL: FDM125
  • POWER: 0.75KW/230V/50Hz
  • STONE SIZE: ᴓ12.5CM
  • WEIGHT: 44KG

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