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MASAKO 2 in 1 Noodle & Dough Sheeter Machine (MT-180N)

RM 599.00

MASAKO 2 in 1 Noodle & Dough Sheeter Machine (MT-180N)

This is a machine you'll pass down- very heavy, very sturdy, and beautifully made, your homemade pasta will be the centerpiece of many memorable meals. With beautiful appearance, advanced structure. They are also very convenient to operate and have a steable, safe system. They can be used to press different kinds of noodles. This machine are suitable for press paste in hotels, restaurants, food processing factories and families. With a few simple ingredients and this Pasta Machine you will soon be treating your family and friends to a feast of homemade pasta dishes, just like the savory specialties served in authentic Italian restaurants.

Cutter adjustment knob: adjust the width of noodles, tighten the knob, grind out narrow noodles, loosen the knob, grind out the wide noodles, both sides of the knob need to adjust the same.

Dough adjustment roller: Pressing dough, equipped with adjusting rod, unilateral regulation, just sliding up and down, dough thickness adjustment more convenient, labor-saving, grinding out the surface more uniform thickness.

Often add the vegetable oil on the turning gear.

Do not touch the roll and noodle cutter by hand when machine working.


  • MODEL: MT-180N
  • POWER: 0.26KW / 230V / 50HZ
  • THICKNESS: 1 ~ 3.5 MM
  • WEIGHT: 21 KG
  • DIMENSIONS:380 X 330 X 370 MM

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